Private House – Shandon

Private House - Shandon

Client : Alan Thomson & Beatrice Bryant 
Location : Edinburgh
Value : £55k
Completion Date : August 2004

This is an attractive conversion of one of Edinburgh’s most distinct Victorian Housing types, the colony flat, examples of which can be found in tight knit terraced developments across the city.

This is the conversion of an upper flat with a previously unconverted attic, accessed from a ground floor main door and at the end of a terrace.

By sacrificing a small bedroom to the front of the property the existing hall opens up to allow a single flight stair from the main floor to the attic floor that sits directly above the existing stone stair from the ground. The new oak stair has open treads that permits light to come right through the ‘U’ shaped hall and into the radiating rooms.

In the attic the stair arrives in the middle of the space under a large rooflight and there are two bedrooms and a shower room on either side. The master bedroom has a southwest facing dormer and dressing space in the coomb behind the bed.

The conversion maximizes the potential of the property and at the same time creates a very individual hall and stair connecting all the levels and rooms.