Granton Parish Church

Granton Parish Church

Client : Granton Parish Church
Location : Edinburgh
Value : TBC
Completion Date : TBC

Granton Parish Church, designed by Lorimer & Matthew in the 1930s, is at the East end of Boswall Parkway in North Edinburgh. Like many churches, improvements are needed to make the accommodation more comfortable, flexible and accessible.

Lee Boyd are working with the church project group on a feasibility study that investigates options for how best to reorganise the accommodation and provide the improvements needed.

One particular issue is the lack of a main entrance for the majority of church users.

There is not an open welcoming threshold into the building that brings users together before heading off to the various halls and rooms.

The feasibility study identifies this issue as one of the principal drivers for change.

The introduction of a new entrance and welcome space beyond becomes a catalyst for internal reorganisation and improved legibility of movement between existing accommodation.

The study recommends opening up the far wall of the west facing external courtyard to create a highly visible and welcoming entrance into the building. The space behind this wall is naturally at the centre of the church complex and makes an obvious location for access to all of the accommodation, including the halls and sanctuary.

Granton Parish Church is at the heart of a diverse community and the aspirations for change are aligned with a desire to maintain and strengthen bonds with that community, helping to bring folks together with comfortable inclusive public facilities.