Glencourse Village Hall

Glencorse Village Hall

Client : Glencorse Association
Location : Glencorse
Value : n/a
Invited Competition 2009


Glencorse Association considered it essential that their village was able to offer an inspirational space as a focal point for local people to meet, socialise, and take part in leisure and learning opportunities.

The aim was to create a village hall that would provide a hub of community social, cultural and leisure life providing a flexible space that will be suitable for a wide range of uses including a venue for key educational, employability and health improvement services for vulnerable people within the community.

Our solution was to create a single mass, allowing functions to work alongside one another and to share circulation, storage and amenity within a simple and efficient plan. The building is sited away from the road and approach so we conceived the front elevation as a large portal, welcoming those approaching and inviting investigation through transparency and shelter.

Glencorse is famous for its paper mills and using this reference, a ‘folded paper’ roof form gives the building its distinct signature and principle means of enclosure both horizontally and vertically.

The main hall against the front elevation can open up to an external public space, extending the opportunity for larger community events.