McFie Hall

McFie Hall Client : MacfieLocation : MacfieValue : n/aInvited Competition 2013 More Competition entry to extend and re organise the Macfie Hall in the rural village of Heriot in the Scottish Borders.The bold proposal avoids the temptation to crowd new traditional forms around the existing hall and creates a distinctly fresh but still sympathetic language that provide...
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Kilmartin Museum

Kilmartin Museum Client : Kilmartin Museum Location : Kilmartin Value : n/a Invited Competition 2013 More Competition entry to extend and reorganise the Kilmartin Museum in Argyll on the West coast of Scotland. With a very ambitious brief and an extremely complex and sensitive site, this proposal took the radical step of burying a large proportion of the proposed extensi...
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Glencourse Village Hall

Glencorse Village Hall Client : Glencorse Association Location : Glencorse Value : n/a Invited Competition 2009 More Glencorse Association considered it essential that their village was able to offer an inspirational space as a focal point for local people to meet, socialise, and take part in leisure and learning opportunities. The aim was to create a village hall that would provi...
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